Freiburg: Land approves funds for new stadium

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Freiburg: Land approves funds for new stadium Baden-Württemberg will contribute €16 million to the new stadium in Freiburg. But before ground breaks on site, a lot paperwork is still required.


Baden-Württemberg state authorities in Stuttgart approved € 16 million ($17.5m) of funding towards the new 35,000-capacity stadium in Freiburg. A significant chunk of this contribution (€6.5m) would have gone to the city either way as funding for local transport system.

Still, it’s very good news for enthusiasts of the new stadium. It’s the second contribution after football club SC Freiburg’s promise to put forward €20 million over several years. Large portion of the final cost will rest on the municipality, but exact figures are not clear as project documentation is to be completed in 2017.

In mid-2016 we should know whether the proposed stadium at Wolfswinkel will be viable at all, because its location near an operating airport is controversial. Detailed report will asses possible impact the stadium would have, but city planners assure it’s only a formality after months of evaluations already.

Wolfswinkel Stadion