Germany: Freiburg goes forward, stadium concept this year

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Germany: Freiburg goes forward, stadium concept this year Later this year we’ll learn in detail as to how the new SC Freiburg stadium will look like. The 35,000-capacity arena will be built in partnership between the city and football club.


During yesterday’s press conference of city and club officials in Freiburg, it was confirmed that public and private entities will form a company to build and then manage the new football stadium. Establishing the company is to be approved by councilors on February 2.

This year we should learn how the new 35,000-capacity stadium in Wolfswinkel will look. Construction should be launched in 2017 and end in 2019.

Wolfswinkel Stadion

What’s important is that SC Freiburg will participate heavily in the project. The club will contribute €15 million to the company first and then add further €1 million for 5 seasons in the Bundesliga (payments on hold should the club be relegated). Of course first Freiburg need to return to the top league, but it seems realistic even for the 2016/17 season.

In total the club will invest €20 million ($22m) in the stadium. Remainder will be covered by public authorities and loans. It’s also agreed that the football club will pay annual lease of €2.5 million for every season outside the Bundesliga and €3.8 million when they play in Germany’s best league.