Poland: Last-minute challenge for Zabrze

source: StadiumDB.com; author: michał

Poland: Last-minute challenge for Zabrze Countdown begins, but opening of the newly-renamed Arena Zabrze isn’t certain just yet. 400 workers are on site daily to make sure Poland’s most honoured derby takes place!


Full name of the tie is The Great Silesian Derby (Wielkie Derby Śląska). Clash between Górnik Zabrze and Ruch Chorzów is Poland’s most honoured one as both teams have 14 domestic championship titles each.

105th edition of the game is to take place in Zabrze on February 21, just a month from now. “Just” a month, because the long overdue stadium project in the city, recentl renamed Arena Zabrze is yet to end. 400 workers are on the site daily to make sure the game can take place, but having such an electric clash as first test is extremely challenging.

Arena Zabrze© Stadion w Zabrzu

Structurally the stadium has been ready for months, but is still to be fully equipped, furnished and tested. Roughly 24,000 seats are installed, main access routes almost ready, but a lot is still to be done in almost all areas. Hospitality zones in the east stand is being equipped and ticketing system tests began, but sales will not begin until February 1.

Providing that all crucial works are delivered within days rather than weeks, timing for handover procedures is very tight. If everything isn’t done in time, the game will be available to only under 9,000 people in lower tiers of north and south stands. These sections have been opened in 2015.