London: Tottenham granted stadium planning permission

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London: Tottenham granted stadium planning permission Tottenham Hotspur announced today that the London Borough of Haringey Planning Sub-Committee has resolved to grant the application for the revised plans of new 61,000-seat stadium.


Haringey’s Council Planning Sub-Committee today approved the amended stadium planning application. While Tottenham Hotspur had previously been granted permission, it considered the previous concept dating back to 2009.

Now the plans must be formally approved by the London Mayor and the current incumbent in that position, Boris Johnson, is a fan of the project.

New Tottenham Stadium

Daniel Levy, Chairman, said: "This marks yet another milestone in what has been a long and often difficult path. We are grateful to all those who expressed their support for the scheme. It is crucial that we now clear the final steps in the legal process. The application is due to be considered by the Mayor early next week.

"As we made clear at the start of last night's proceedings, the originally consented scheme is no longer feasible for a variety of reasons.

"This new scheme carries enormous public benefits and will play a key role in kick-starting place change, bringing exceptional opportunities for the local community and wider stakeholders. We are very proud to be part of this important step forward for an area that has been our home for more than 130 years and where we shall continue to live and play our part."