Edinburgh: Tynecastle expansion to start next year?

source: BBC.co.uk; author: michał

Edinburgh: Tynecastle expansion to start next year? Current owner of Hearts announced the club would not seek a new ground. Instead an expansion of Tynecastle is planned and it might begin within a year from now.


Last year Ann Budge bought Heart of Midlothian out of administration. Though just promoted from the second league of Scotland, the team is still among the country’s most supported and has ambitions to grow.

Early into her time at Tynecastle, Budge suggested relocation as possibly the best chance for development. This prompted skepticism from many fans one shouldn’t be surprised. Next year the stadium will be 130 years old, which makes it a true icon among football temples around the world.


That’s why this week’s announcement should relieve many supporters. During the annual general meeting Budge stated the club will not only remain in the current location, but also expand the stadium.

First works could start in late 2016 and various options are being considered. Of course the eastern main grandstand has priority as the oldest and at the same time most important piece of Tynecastle.


"Plus there are lots of possibilities with the stand. We've talked at length about what we could do with the undercroft of the Wheatfield and the undercroft of the Roseburn, as well as the main stand, so Tynecastle's got a lot of development potential” Budge said on Wednesday.

"We wanted additional capacity and I did set a minimum of 20,000. Anything less than that and I think it would be interpreted as a lack of ambition on our part."

Worth remembering, this won’t be the first time an expansion to the east side is proposed. Under former ownership the stadium was expected to grow to 23,000 thanks to a new east stand, but the plan was eventually scrapped. Current capacity of the stadium is 17,529 seats.