Belgium: Progress in Waregem to get noticeable soon

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Belgium: Progress in Waregem to get noticeable soon Preparatory works were launched in October and by now the site is clear, ready for actual construction of the north grandstand. Zulte Waregem should open it by mid-2016.


Regenboogstadion already has a new south grandstand opened last year. Now it awaits a new north end, which will almost mirror the one already standing.

Clearing work began in early October and by now the site is almost prepared for construction. Piling is underway and actual grandstand elements should appear in January. StadiumDB understands that the structure will use similar of elements as used in the south. This means almost of all the stand prefabricated, which in turn should allow for very fast progress on the site and opening by the end of the 2015/16 campaign.

Regenboogstadion© Pol Van Hauwaert

The north end, dedicated to fans of Vak X group, will be different from the south one in that it will be a terrace. Seats would only be installed when SV Zulte Waregem reach European tournaments and UEFA rules will force such alterations. Roughly 2,800 people should be able to stand in league games.

The grandstand was expected to cost €4.5 million, but more recent estimates put the price at €4.9 million. This investment follows ESSEVEE’s recent training centre opened near the stadium (worth €2.6m). When the north end is finished, upgrade of the east grandstand should follow.