Pyrotechnics: Legal flares, spotlight on Bergen

source:; author: michał

Pyrotechnics: Legal flares, spotlight on Bergen Short video documentary, longer background story. did a viral video on Norwegian fans lighting flares.

Advertisement visited the Norwegian city of Bergen to see how legalized pyrotechnic shows look. The choice was a very fine one as Brann Bergen literally translates to Bergen Fire. You may see the short documentary below, presenting what can only be described as fantastic display of flares and smoke bombs.

SK Brann

Meanwhile, let’s just remind our Readers that pyrotechnics have long been legal in Norwegian stadiums. However, until 2013 they could be displayed only in areas outside the stands (between players and viewers). Since that time it’s also legal to light them within stands, but only after approval and permission by the club.

Norway is often given as a perfect example of how dialogue within the football community should look. Flares are allowed only within safe and responsible boundaries (certified flares, no throwing, etc.) and approvals require mutual trust and constant communication between fans, clubs and authorities.