Poland: Białystok stadium much cheaper in the end

source: StadiumDB.com; author: michał

Poland: Białystok stadium much cheaper in the end Court ruling requires former contractor to pay immense damages for his role in inflating the price of Białystok Municipal Stadium. After long trial the city gets a 101-million return.


The appeal court in Białystok ruled yesterday in favour of the city in long-lasting dispute about Stadion Miejski (Municipal Stadium). Conflict between the municipality and former contractor Eiffage ends with the French company having to pay PLN 101 million (€24m / $27m) in damages.

The fine represents nearly half of the entire stadium budget, estimated at 230 million (€55m / $61m). The city demanded even higher damages (130 million), but the new ruling is far better than before both sides appealed. Earlier this year Białystok was awarded PLN 37.5 million in damages.

Stadion Miejski w Białymstoku© Maciej Lulko Fotografia Architektury

The conflict dates back to 2011, when Eiffage and the city both terminated their agreement concerning construction of the stadium. Eiffage was accused of growing delays and was found unable to deliver the project within price and time frame. As a result of contractor change the stadium’s cost inflated significantly and opening had to be postponed. The stadium was finished by Spanish OHL.