Norway: Glass windows fell onto fans in Bergen

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Norway: Glass windows fell onto fans in Bergen A freak accident occurred today at Brann Stadion, when large chunk of glass collapsed onto fans seating underneath. One person was injured.


Since it’s considered extremely unlikely and seems to have no obvious cause, it may only be considered a freak accident. Tonight before the Brann – Levanger home game in Bergen a large window of the commentators’ box (hanging above regular seating) shattered to pieces and fell onto fans awaiting the game.

Brann Stadion

Since it was tempered glass, it broke into numerous tiny pieces and didn’t pose a major threat. However one person suffered cuts around the neck/throat area. These proved shallow and didn’t prevent the fan from attending the game afterwards.

According to current news there was no direct visible cause for the glass to fall off. Just in case all fans sitting beneath the commentary boxes were relocated and the area is sealed off.