Israel: Turner Stadium opening in September

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Israel: Turner Stadium opening in September Newest addition to Israel’s Ligat Ha’al is scheduled to open on September 21. Turner Stadium will host the prestigious game against Maccabi Haifa.


Turner Stadium in Beer Sheva awaits its first game. Structurally it’s been ready for a couple months now, but furnishing and tests are ongoing. Already now the field reportedly has better quality than many pitches across the country.

As mayor Rubik Danilovich said during his recent visit to the stadium, it can only be opened when all tests are carried out and the building is considered 100% safe. Such a major test is planned for the weekend in mid-September, a week before official opening. An open training of local Hapoel will see spectators fill a portion of the stands.

Turner Stadium© Turner Stadium

Opening game is scheduled for September 21, when Hapoel will face one of Israel’s most popular teams, Maccabi Haifa. It will be the last game of the Ligat Ha’al weekend and a ceremony is planned to mark the occasion.

Interestingly, Maccabi Haifa became Israel’s biggest team in terms of attendance last year, when they moved into their new stadium, the Sammy Ofer Stadium. Their growth of nearly 200% was unprecedented across all UEFA league clubs and similar success would surely be appreciated in Beer Sheva as well.

Turner Stadium will offer over 16,000 seats in a rare layout. Despite having an enclosed shape, the stadium has corner sections left empty. This is where structural support of the roof is based. The project is estimated to cost roughly $50 million.