England: Amex break record on non-matchday events

source: StadiumDB.com; author: michał

England: Amex break record on non-matchday events When the Championship season took a break in June, Amex Stadium was as busy as ever with 64 events held throughout that month.


American Express Community Stadium. Now, that’s a long name, as if Brighton and Hove wasn’t long itself. No wonder locals just call it the Amex of Falmer Stadium. But no matter how you call it, the modern stadium of Albion set an internal record in June.

Despite no league games, the building hosted 64 events, averaging over two every day. The venue hosted the Eco Show, three end-of-term school proms and a sold-out Father's Day lunch in the largest Bupa Lounge among its busy events calendar.

Amex Stadium© Stuart Noel Fuller

Of course these were much smaller gatherings than a single game of “the Seagulls”, but it still allowed Sodexo Prestige, event operator of the stadium, to see 15% increase in revenue.

The stadium built in 2011 at a price of £105 million offers 9 different sizes of lounges, beginning from 10 seats (skybox) and ending with 650 (Bupa Lounge). Unlike most sports venues, Amex Stadium also has internal promenades commercialized, hosting exhibitions and fairs under the stands.