Netherlands: Zwolle to again expand their stadium?

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Netherlands: Zwolle to again expand their stadium? IJsseldelta Stadion has already grown by 2,500 seats, now further 2,500 may be added. But PEC Zwolle may have to choose between transfers and expansion…


PEC Zwolle hope to expand their stadium for the second time. In 2013 they added some 2,500, mostly on temporary tubular stands. Similar operation would follow now, raising capacity of IJsseldelta Stadion to 15,000.

Gradual expansion is enabled by the unusual seating layout used when initially building the stadium. First row was placed very high, allowing for additional sections to be place underneath, closer to the field. So far portions of the west and east stands saw additions of that kind, but there’s still room for more on all sides.

However, there’s significantly less room for changes in Zwolle’s budget. The club is ranked as Category 1 in the Eredivisie, which means it has very tight finances. With that in mind, PEC need to postpone their expansion plans until after the transfer window, depending on how much money they have to spend in August.

IJsseldelta Stadion© Adriaan Holsappel