Germany: These are the best Bundesliga fields

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Germany: These are the best Bundesliga fields  For the second consecutive year Allianz Arena was selected as one of the best fields in Germany. In the 2. Bundesliga Karlsruhe grabbed the lead. Find out who came second!


DFL, the organization managing professional league in Germany, gave out their annual Field of the Year awards. Selection was made by specialists of the German Union of Grass Manufacturers (DRG), although the voice of football players was also taken into account.

Allianz Arena© Richard Cawood (cc: by-nc)

Just like on the field, award for the field itself was won by Bayern and the Allianz Arena. This is the second consecutive season for the Bavarian stadium to make top three (3rd last year). Making the award more worthy, it’s given in recognition of how the field is prepared for season and then maintained throughout the campaign.

Second place in the Bundesliga was awarded to Wirsol Rhein-Neckar-Arena in Sinsheim (Hoffenheim), while Signal Iduna Park in Dortmund was third. In the second league Wildparkstadion in Karlsruhe was regarded best, while “Betzenberg” in Kaiserslautern came second.