Los Angeles: One step towards Carson stadium

source: LATimes.com; author: michał

Los Angeles: One step towards Carson stadium Final cleanup of the old landfill site in Carson where the San Diego Chargers and Oakland Raiders want to build a stadium should be funded by August. LA Times report.


The Carson City Council on Tuesday night approved the sale of $50.5 million in bonds to finish stalled environmental work on the former Cal Compact landfill, along the 405 freeway.

They also approved a deal for a city authority to take possession of the site after a Chargers subsidiary buys it from real estate firm Starwood Capital, which had planned a shopping center there. That deal, which in escrow, has been delayed by paperwork but is set to close soon, according to a Chargers attorney.

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The city had been obligated to fund the cleanup under a deal with a prior owner of the site. Under this agreement, a city authority will own the site and can sell it to another developer if the stadium falls through. The work, which can’t begin until there’s a development plan for the site, should take about 18 months to complete, state environmental officials have said.

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