Belgrade: Rad stadium damaged by fire

source: BETA / / /; author: michał

Belgrade: Rad stadium damaged by fire Sunday saw a dramatic sight in Belgrade, where one of the city’s major stadiums was significantly damaged by fire. Thankfully no-one was injured.


As the Serbian Interior Ministry established, fire broke out at Stadion Kralj Petar Prvi in Belgrade at 11:55 (am) on Sunday. It was caused by faulty electric installation. Fire spread very quickly across the old roof.

About a third of the roof was completely destroyed, including severe damage to the speaker box. The steel structure will require at least partial replacement, but thankfully the overall concrete building is intact.

Stadion FK Rad

Despite elements melting and pouring down onto seats (a couple hundred burnt), the fire didn’t reach lower levels of the stand, where club restaurant and offices are.

Thankfully club employees were on site and noticed the fire very fast, alarming the fire department instantly. It took 20 minutes for 7 fire trucks to extinguish it.