Stadion Kralj Petar Prvi

Capacity6 000
Country Serbia
ClubsFK Rad
Inauguration 13.08.1977
Address Crnotravska bb, 11 000 Beograd, Srbija


Stadion Kralj Petar Prvi – stadium description

Used by residents long before Banjica became a suburban district of Belgrade, the playing field was located near the hill also named Banjica (or simply – Washroom in English). This beautiful picturesque location was marred by horrifying history during WWII, when Nazis established a concentration camp in the neighbourhood.

But sports didn’t stop evolving here. FK Rad was established in 1958 and took over the field, improving it in terms of quality. However, it only became a real football stadium in 1977, thanks to a grandstand being built. Initial capacity was 3,500 people, later increased to current 6,000. There were plans to expand it to some 20,000 with extensive commercial infrastructure, but they didn’t come to fruition so far.

The stadium is named after Peter I, the last king of Serbs.



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