Netherlands: Stadium in Breda safe… for now

source: /; author: michał

Netherlands: Stadium in Breda safe… for now Cracks in the concrete aren’t a safety hazard for fans visiting Rat Verlegh Stadion. But that’s only the current situation, now long term analysis is to be conducted.


Engineers established that the cracks found on concrete prefabs of the Rat Verlegh Stadion are no threat to spectator safety. Alarming signs of wear were first noticed last spring, but surfaced to the media in autumn, causing significant doubts over safety of the structure, particularly its main stand.

Rat Verlegh Stadion was monitored to check how people’s presence makes the structure react. Overall outcome is satisfying and no threat to safety was noticed. Understandably, the concrete steps bend during games, when under pressure.

While average measurements showed a small 2mm change, maximum bending noticed was 3.4cm and experts argue the stands are likely to bend more over time.

Safety for the time-being is not an issue, but in the long run it may become one. This is why further research will take up to half a year. Currently none of the cracks has reached the depth of iron reinforcements, but that may change if not dealt with. Early cost estimations put the repair price at €700,000 or so.