Netherlands: Breda stadium showing cracks

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Netherlands: Breda stadium showing cracks Alarming news from Rat Verlegh Stadion sounds more alarming when revealed that authorities have been hiding them from public view. But significant cracks in concrete structure are to be dealt with in 2015.


The main concrete structure of Rat Verlegh Stadion in Breda has some worrying cracks that are in need of repair. And though the city assures the case is urgent, it was revealed by local media that first report about the problem was released already in May (!), but hidden from the public.

Most serious cracks have been showing up at the western main grandstand and club building, though other sides of the stadium are also affected. So far the cause isn’t clear as the architects and contractors are… blaming one-another for either design error or improper execution.

Rat Verlegh Stadion

Councilman Bernie van den Berg has assured the press that lack of public information wasn’t a “burying” measure. In turn he claims a second report should come and clarify the situation in terms of cause and repair price.

Currently the necessary repairs are expected to cost roughly €700,000 ($890,000), mostly consumed by reinforcing the main beams. But van den Berg claims the amount may be halved in the optimistic variant and either way public funds for the works will be made available in 2015. Until then the stadium may be used by NAC Breda staff and fans safely.