Los Angeles: Carson stadium bid a step closer

source: NBCLosAngeles.com; author: michał

Los Angeles: Carson stadium bid a step closer Supporters of the joint stadium of Chargers and Raiders gathered over 15,000 signatures, nearly twice the needed number. Yesterday they delivered them to the city hall.


Carson2gether campaigners collected exactly 15,373 signatures in support of the proposed Los Angeles Stadium in Carson. New 68,000-capacity NFL venue is a joint bid by Oakland Raiders and San Diego Chargers and it required 8,041 votes of support to be fast-tracked.

Yesterday Carson2gether delivered 41 boxes packed with petitions. If no less than 8,041 are approved by the city hall, the council will be able to approve the proposal outright or make the issue a ballot measure.

LA Stadium© Manica Architecture

It’s worth keeping in mind both the proposing teams are at the same time negotiating with their home municipalities to get new stadiums and stay put instead of relocating. If they each don’t strike a deal by year end, they’re expected to go forward with the Carson scheme.

Recently a similar petition success was achieved in Inglewood, another part of the L.A. metropolis. A new stadium planned there also gathered great support. Both of these projects compete with each other to become the next NFL venue in Los Angeles.