Turkey: Tragedy in Bursa, driver killed by collapsing crane

source: StadiumDB.com; author: michał

Turkey: Tragedy in Bursa, driver killed by collapsing crane Massive mobile crane fell onto nearby highway, causing one death. Largest stadium build in Turkey was temporarily halted.


On Sunday morning, around 6am local time, strong south-eastern winds caused the collapse of large mobile crane in Bursa. The machine was building Timsah Arena and fell onto local highway. Due to the crane’s size it blocked all lanes of the road located 80 meters from the stadium.

Timsah Arena

The steel truss surprised a taxi driver, who didn’t managed to avoid collision. Both him and his passenger were seriously injured and transported to local hospital. Unfortunately the 28-year-old driver could not be saved.

However it’s worth keeping in mind the crane collapsed at time of lowest traffic. Should the catastrophe happen later, there could have been more casualties. It took 4 hours to dismantle the twisted steel segments.

Because the crane collapsed outside the stadium, there was no damage at Timsah Arena’s northern side. Still, the build was halted temporarily.