Brazil: Arena da Amazonia operator displeased with FIFA

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Brazil: Arena da Amazonia operator displeased with FIFA The list of damages is already over 100 pages long FIFA is responsible for them. Instead of handing over Arena da Amazonia in a fair state, the organisers returned it devastated.


Fundação Vila Olímpica, the public operator of Arena da Amazonia, is expected to present FIFA with a very high bill for the state Arena da Amazonia is in. Having hosted just four games of the World Cup, the stadium has so many damages, that the list is already over 100 pages long and growing.

Biggest issues were discovered in the skyboxes, where holes in walls were found, power outlets and lights torn out, floors in need of replacement. As if this wasn’t enough, FIFA took the teams’ benches along with them, while this was stadium equipment.

Arena da Amazonia

This presents a very different view than FIFA promised, emphasizing the legacy it will leave behind. The operator sees no legacy whatsoever.

Ali Almeida, speaker for Fundação Vila Olímpica, is concerned with how FIFA left the stadium. “On July 29 FIFA is having a meeting with all 12 hosts in Rio Center. We will discuss the legacy document there, whether the commitment was kept. So far here in Manaus they did nothing. Nothing written about the legacy was left. And they damaged the stadium during disassembly of their equipment”, Almeida says.