Turkey: Galatasaray’s last laugh after scalping scandal

source: StadiumDB.com; author: michał

Turkey: Galatasaray’s last laugh after scalping scandal Bursaspor demanded outrageous amounts of money from Istanbul supporters, but the unfriendly hosts are now in despair, while visitors celebrate. Galatasaray won and will now honor those who actually paid 800 lira per ticket.


Yesterday’s Turkish Cup semifinal was an unusual one because of extremely unjust pricing policy applied by the host team. Bursaspor asked their home fans to pay 50 lira for regular seats and up to 300 for VIP allocations.

Meanwhile the very worst seats, for Galatasaray supporters, were priced at 800 lira (€270/$375), which is more than the Champions League final and not much short of the 2014 World Cup final game prices.

Needless to say, overwhelming majority of Galata supporters refused to pay that much and canceled their trip to unfriendly Bursa, even if this meant loss of travel expenses. But three people didn’t let go and decided to withstand the scalping policy. You may not notice them in the photo, because of safety personnel dominating the away section’s ‘attendance’.

Bursa Ataturk Stadyumu - away sectionPhoto: Galatasaray SK

After just over half an hour of the game it seemed the three fanatics would have a sour trip back home, because Bursaspor was leading 2:0 (having tied 2:2 in Istanbul). But before the break Galatasaray scored their first goal, adding further four afterwards. 7:4 on aggregate ended with exhausted Galatasaray players applauding the three faithful fans for making the trip, all cheering.

Soon afterwards an official statement was published by Galatasaray, thanking supporters present at the match for their incredible dedication and support. All three are now asked to contact Galata’s communications department and will be honored for their presence at the hostile away game.