Sao Paulo: Another death at Arena Corinthians

source:; author: michał

Sao Paulo: Another death at Arena Corinthians It's the third casualty in Sao Paulo's Itaquera district and seventh at World Cup stadiums overall. This time rescue efforts proved futile after Fabio Hamilton da Cruz fell almost 8 meters down.


Fabio was working on the temporary end sections of Arena Corinthians yesterday, as he fell from the steel structure, plunging almost 8 meters down. He was taken to hospital, but doctors weren't able to save his life.

This tragic accident is the second of this kind at Arena Corinthians. In late November last year two other workers were killed in the infamous crane collapse that caused further delays.

As irrelevant as it may seem in a sad moment like this, it's thought the latest accident will not impede the project's schedule. The Sao Paulo opening game venue is expected to host its first test events in mid-May and is the very last stadium to be ready for the FIFA tournament.

Overall, according to our data, Brazilian stadium projects claimed the lives of seven men. Three were killed at both Arena Corinthians and Arena da Amazonia, while the last casualty was seen in 2012 at Estadio Nacional's construction.

The latest sad information coincides with FIFA's announcement that construction companies engaged in the twelve stadium projects will receive 50,000 free World Cup tickets for their workers. This way FIFA wishes to thank those contributing to the tournament's success in the most direct way.