Barcelona: New stadium’s required land not for sale?

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Barcelona: New stadium’s required land not for sale? Despite Monday’s announcement that FC Barcelona contemplates moving to a new stadium nearby, it seems that option hasn’t been on the table so far. University of Barcelona who own the land for potential development aren’t selling it and weren’t even approached by the club.


On Monday and Tuesday global media were hooked on the vision of a completely new 105,000-seater in Barcelona, a project of unseen scale in modern football.

And quite rightly, because it was FC Barcelona’s director Tony Frexia announcing that within a month decision should be reached whether to expand Camp Nou or build anew along Aveniguda Diagonal, on grounds belonging to Universitat de Barcelona.

Diagonal or Camp Nou?

However, it turned out late on Wednesday that the university had no idea of Barca’s intentions and doesn’t plan on sharing any of its lands. Universitat de Barcelona released a statement in which it asks not to be part of the debate, because it wasn’t approached by the club at all since early 2012.

Back then the club received a reply that halted all talks about potential acquisition of academic land. "UB does not do property negotiations and is not disposed to sell any of its assets." said the statement.

The disturbing news comes at the time when most fans surveyed by Mundo Deportivo suggest their preferred option would be to revamp the existing structure instead of moving. Moreover, according to club’s estimates revealed recently, expanding Camp Nou might prove twice cheaper than a completely new stadium, though still very pricy.

Alterations needed to upgrade and expand the stadium are estimated at some €500-600 million, twice the estimates from 2010, when the club decided not to pursue the Norman Foster vision of remodeled Camp Nou.