Poland: Stadium in Gdansk disguised as world’s largest Halloween pumpkin

source: StadiumDB.com; author: michał

Poland: Stadium in Gdansk disguised as world’s largest Halloween pumpkin It’s Halloween and despite the celebrations not being common in Poland, managers of PGE Arena Gdańsk decided their stadium resembles a pumpkin well enough to be properly decorated. And since there’s no Guinness World Record for largest Halloween pumpkin, PGE Arena is now bidding for the title.


Two eyes, 25 sqm each and huge smile spanning over 30 meters are decorating PGE Arena Gdańsk, one of Euro 2012 stadiums. The creepy face is a Halloween decoration that was to be installed on Wednesday, but strong wind made it impossible, only seeing the black sheets installed onto the orange cladding today.

This idea brought controversy across Poland as many Poles see Halloween as unnecessary or even threatening the Christian All Saints’ Day celebrations, carried out in completely different mood on November 1. But it seems that controversy only earned the plan more attention.

Media nationwide informed about the unusual concept for PGE Arena Gdańsk, stadium designed to resemble a giant amber bowl, to be disguised as a Halloween pumpkin. Its colour is almost a match, shape also works and once the stadium was illuminated at 1900 local time, giant eyes and smile became visible from afar.

PGE Arena Gdańsk as a Halloween pumpkinHere's the stadium by day. Nighttime photo to follow! Photo: PGE Arena Gdańsk

The decoration was prepared to bring more attention to the stadium’s Halloween events, like creepy stadium tours through dark alleys of its infrastructure or a more traditional Halloween party at the local pub, usually occupied by Lechia Gdańsk fans.

As it turned out in the process, Guinness World Records have no record of the largest Halloween pumpkin and so the municipal managing company Arena Gdańsk Operator decided to file for a record with the stadiums immense size of 236x202 meters surface and 45-meter height. Whether GWR will see this as a record should be known within a few weeks.