New design: Stadion Floriana Krygiera


New design: Stadion Floriana Krygiera Stettin authorities announced the preferred concept for the redevelopment of existing Stadion Floriana Krygiera. With very limited budget, a modest vision was selected, leaving more elaborate ideas behind.


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International design competition for the Stettin stadium’s revamp had very clear guidelines: with not much money to spend (48 million zloty or €11.5m / $16m) the municipality hopes to build a new north grandstand with office and sport infrastructure, modernize facilities of three remaining sections and cover the entire stadium. New layout is also planned for surrounding facilities, where training pitch and changing rooms for youth players are planned.

Budget constrains proved to be crucial that’s why, as Prof Zbigniew Maćków (head juror) stated, several very interesting visions were left without any prize as they were unrealistic with this criterion.

Winning idea of Janusz Pachowski’s architecture practice sees very simple, but complete vision that includes all guidelines and provides a closed and compact bowl.

Three stands based on land embankments are to be left as they are, while a new concrete grandstand of 6,363 seats is to be built. A rare feature is the location of away section at that very stand (1,472 seats) as it is the most remote spot of the stadium.

As a next stage, the concept of Janusz Pachowski is to be worked on to deliver full project documentation that will be subject to construction tender. No specific timeframe for the project was selected so far.

Below we present all four concepts that were featured by the jury:

1st prize | Pracownia Projektowa Janusza Pachowskiego

Stadion Floriana Krygiera

2nd prize | Bauren Piotr Renke

Stadion Floriana Krygiera

3rd prize | Urbicon + PG Projekt

Stadion Floriana Krygiera

Mention | Magma Architecture + Buro Happold

Stadion Floriana Krygiera