Serbia: New national stadium at Marakana?

source:; author: michał

Serbia: New national stadium at Marakana? According to the national football association, there's only one ground eligible for the site of future national stadium. That of course is Marakana. FSS suggests a partnership between Crvena Zvezda and the government to make it happen.

Advertisement quotes Goran Milanović, head of the Serbian FA (FSS), who appeals for a new national stadium to be built at Marakana. The official, chairman of football club Jagodina at the same time, sees this place as naturally destined to play such a role. The size and historical success of both the national team and Crvena Zvezda make it the largest football temple across Serbia.

“I'm sure it's finally time that issue needs to be addressed, and that like most developed countries we have somewhere to play representative football” said Milanović, also claiming this is a national issue.

Crvena Zvezda already initiated a project called Red Star City back in 2010, hoping to build their new stadium along with private investors, but it never came to fruition.

A solution to the ongoing deadlock would, according to the FSS boss, be teaming up with the government. Milanović recognises the needs of both Zvezda and national team and sees the government as only sensible partner for such a large investment.