Poland: Murals blooming under Stadion Wroclaw's stands

source: StadiumDB.com; author: michał

Poland: Murals blooming under Stadion Wroclaw's stands Rather dull promenade surrounding the new Wroclaw stadium's stands is changing as we speak. Starting Sunday an exposition of artistic murals will be available for the public. More is to follow.


“We've been looking for some time for a way to make our stadium's interior more vivid. Coincidentally, we came across the art group MADOA, who were looking for a place to present their creations”, says Adam Burak, press officer of Wrocław 2012, the public operator of the Euro 2012 stadium.

Instead of canvas the company offered artists a permanent spot on stadium walls. On condition that the murals will reflect on football, Śląsk Wrocław football team and the stadium itself, dropping non-sporting ideas.

Five artists took the challenge and began work. Not for money, as they're doing it 'pro bono', even covering their own material expenses. Now images of the stadium, Śląsk players or even the club's spirit are appearing in five spots of the stadium's internal promenade, initially left grey with green-black paintwork in selected areas.

The done work will be available for viewing from Sunday. On weekdays the promenade will be part of stadium tours, while on matchdays it will be available for fans entering the stadium.

However, some fans of Śląsk Wrocław criticise the idea for not utilising simple symbols, like club colours, crest or quotations important to supporters. Addressing these sentiments, Wrocław 2012 already assured that there is plenty of room for these, too. “In the future we wish to decorate each stand with a piece of art. Under one of them a graffiti is to be placed”, declares Adam Burak. StadiumDB.com understands this will be the northern section, occupied by most vocal supporters.