New stadiums: Tashkent and Astana

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New stadiums: Tashkent and Astana At the very heart of two Central-Asian capitals stand these two historical stadiums. Both are outdated and a somewhat forgotten nowadays, but they represent the last half a century in sports and more...


Pakhtakor Markaziy Stadioni

Pakhtakor Markaziy Stadion

Central Stadium Pakhtakor – this would be the name in English. It stands for Uzbekistan's largest sports facility, the former national stadium in central Tashkent, dating back to 1956.

Since its last major overhaul it has a capacity of 35,000 people, all in single-tiered a sunken bowl.

Pakhtakor Markaziy Stadion

Due to its representative status it played host to various events in sports and politics, both domestic and international. Most notably, however, it used to house the national team until the Bunyodkor Stadioni was built in 2012 and still serves the country's most famous club, Pakhtakor.


Stadion Kazhimukan Munaytpasov

FK Astana Stadion

Though the terrain was first used for sports back in 1936 and has since been a popular event destination, it only started functioning as a stadium in 1964, when stands were opened.

As the very single stadium in central Astana it has been used by numerous clubs and changed it names several times, depending on sports and industrial situation in the city. That stopped in 1986, when the current patronage of famous wrestler Kahzimukan Munaytpasov.

For most of its existence it had just two stands along the pitch. Newest one, at the southern curve was built in 1998, allowing capacity to exceed 10,000.

Day-to-day use is provided by FK Astana 1964, but over the years many other clubs also used it. After its last major revamp it also held two domestic cup finals, in 2000 and 2001.