Turkey: Massive steel roof to be mounted in Bursa

source: bursa.bel.tr; author: michał

Turkey: Massive steel roof to be mounted in Bursa After the concrete bowl was finished preparation works for roof installation started. Now steel prefabs are being connected together to form larger roof trusses that will be mounted onto the stands in the upcoming two months.


As the Bursa municipality informs, Timsah Arena’s coverage works are to go full swing soon. The large concrete bowl is complete now and is receiving its glass cladding outside, while around the stadium steel prefabs are being put together awaiting their installation atop.

After larger segments of the roof are ready, they will be put onto the stands and temporarily supported by scaffolding, which is growing in various rows already. Altogether some 7,000 tons of steel will be lifted onto the stadium and after putting together the structure will be able to support itself, allowing for the scaffold to be taken apart.

This isn’t the last phase of the ‘Crocodile Arena’, though. While roof membrane may be laid between the steel roof girders, there’s still the outer shell shaped like a reptile that awaits mounting. For the next two month, however, it’s all about putting the roof together to enable the stadium being a fully covered structure by the end of 2013.