Germany: Contractor selected for new Chemnitz stadium

source:; author: michał

Germany: Contractor selected for new Chemnitz stadium No-one should be surprised as BAM gets the contract to build new 15,000-capacity stadium for Chemnitz, informs. Within a week we should know the exact schedule for the project.


Initially it was hoped that the simple 4-stand stadium for Chemnitz in East Germany will be ready this year. To keep this deadline, construction should have started over a year ago, but still hasn't.

Despite delays the stadium is still getting built as construction giant BAM grabbed the construction contract. On July 1 authorities of Chemnitz and the local football club should establish precise schedule for the project, though we may expect the deadline to be in late 2014, maybe early 2015.

The new stadium is expected to boost Chemnitzer FC who aspire to play in the 2. Bundesliga regularly.

Stadion Chemnitz