Brazil: Opening venue to be built last?

source: AP; author: michał

Brazil: Opening venue to be built last? Though it’s only May now, we already know that construction works at Arena Corinthians won’t be done until February or even March 2014, just 3 months ahead of the World Cup. Even in South Africa deadlines weren’t exceeded so far.


The new 48,000-seater in Sao Paulo’s Itaquera district is going through a really problematic construction process. And ironically it’s not about the works this time, because Odebrecht is working decently on site.

It’s about procedures and cooperation here. This project was one of the last new stadia to be launched ahead of the 2014 World Cup, because Corinthians and local organizers couldn’t agree who will cover the additional cost of temporary seating.

Corinthians are paying for the stadium alone (and argue that authorities aren’t helping at all, blocking their funding), but they only need the 48,000 seats it will have permanently. However, to host opening game of the tournament capacity of over 60,000 is expected. Thus up to 20,000 temporary seats will be added behind both goals ahead of the Cup.

It’s up to public authorities to built the temporary seating, Corinthians are only assuring the structure alone is ready by the December 2013 deadline set by FIFA. Only then can additional works on the extra sections begin. This means entire construction process will only end in February, maybe March 2014.

Despite severe criticism over south Africa’s preparations for their 2010 tournament, stadia in Africa were prepared in more timely fashion. Even if only slightly less delayed.

FIFA reacted by further inspections on sites of all ongoing constructions ahead of the 2014 event.