Sheffield: Don Valley Stadium lifespan to end on September 30

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Sheffield: Don Valley Stadium lifespan to end on September 30 It’s been the most controversial decision in the London legacy discussion. Apart from the main stadium’s future, of course. Now we know that the training site of golden medalist Jessica Ennis is to be closed by October and awaiting demolition. Unless a financially sound plan is found by then…


Every year the city of Sheffield had to pump some £700,000 for Don Valley Stadium to operate. Now that municipal authorities have to find multi-million savings, this venue has to be closed. Officials claim it’s either this or shutting down community pools, which would be even worse to the community.

Now it’s clear that deadline for Don Valley’s lifespan is September 30. After that date, if councilors agree on it in their April 10 vote, the stadium is to be demolished. Whether a new rugby stadium gets built in its place is still uncertain. But unless a financially sound solution to the expenses is found in time, demolition is the most likely scenario for one of Britain’s most famous athletic stadia.

To compensate athletes the loss of Jessica Ennis’s training ground, Sheffield is to spend £300,000 on upgrades to the small Woodburn Rd Stadium, that will give shelter to track and field disciplines in Sheffield at a much smaller price.