Moscow: Luzhniki to stay? It won’t be cheap, anyway

source:; author: michał

Moscow: Luzhniki to stay? It won’t be cheap, anyway Even though RIA Novosti suggests a lot of the current stadium will be retained, the redevelopment ahead of 2018 World Cup won’t be cheap. Only the ‘outrageous’ stadium in Saint Petersburg will be more expensive.


After the World Athletic Championships this August Russia’s largest stadium will be closed for redevelopment ahead of the 2018 World Cup. How will the redevelopment look?

In December news of probable demolition were released, but most recent data presented by RIA Novosti suggests the historical outer shell of Luzhniki will remain in place, with only stands being rebuilt completely. If so, we should expect the large single tier to be replaced with some 4 tiers, two of which would be dedicated to corporate clients.

No matter the final shape, Luzhniki are sure to cost a lot. Deupty Mayor Marat Husnullin claims FIFA’s high requirements are the main reason for what may be the second most expensive stadium after Saint Petersburg’s scandalous Zenit Arena.

“If FIFA keeps all of its tough demands, then it could cost as much as 20 or 25 billion rubles ($635 million to $793 million),” said Husnullin. As Luzhniki are to host the final of the 2018 tournament, the stadium requires significantly larger infrastructure for media and VIPs.