Minsk: Stadion Dinama demolition delayed already

source: Goals.by; author: michał

Minsk: Stadion Dinama demolition delayed already The schedule for transformation of the old stadium into a world-class arena is extremely tight. Yet Belarussians are already experiencing a slip in the plan. Goals.by rests assured that president Lukashenko's expected deadline will be met.


According to official announcements, the redevelopment of Stadion Dinama in Minsk should be done by the end of 2014. That's much less time than similar projects usually take. In general three years are usually needed for construction (let alone design work), while we only saw the selected concept of GMP Architekten in January. Architects are still working on detailed documentation.

Stadion Dinama

With early estimates pricing the project at €120 million, it's a large project that will see Belarus's national stadium get completely new stands of 40,000 within the historical arcade walls. Beginning of construction isn't set yet, as demolition of the existing structures is delayed despite the early stage. This is mostly caused by unexpectedly long winter that ended just a few days ago.

Stadion DinamaPhoto: Goals.by

Works on the terrace behind stadium's main stand were due to end in March, but are still at an early stage. So far only some seats have been removed from the main stand and some staircases crashed. We should see the entire upper tier disappear this summer. Large floodlight masts are to be dismantled earlier.

At this point there is no precise schedule for the construction of new stands. The design needs to be finished first.