Italy: Domestic cup final in… Brazil?!


Italy: Domestic cup final in… Brazil?! This time it’s not about marketing opportunities, but safety concerns and lack of consensus between local organizers. It turns out authorities aren’t sure how to secure Coppa Italia final between Lazio and Roma after April riots. Il Tempo report.


Stadio Olimpico so far hasn’t been released to host Coppa Italia final on May 26. The main reason are both finalists, because Lazio and Roma fighting for silverware are sure to bring some non-sporting risk to the event. Or so fear authorities after April 8 clashes in the streets of Rome.

It’s already been decided that kick-off time will be changed to afternoon hours, as policing a nighttime game might prove much harder. Ongoing discussions about how to run the game safely seem to be having no common ground between all sides.

Police has turned down plans submitted by organizers and there are fears that chaos and high pricing may lead to stands being half-empty during the game. This might be bad publicity for the final and Rome in general.

But wouldn’t it be even worse to play the game abroad? – asks Il Tempo. This would mean Rome isn’t even able to hold a football derby safely. But among publicity fears, TV rights and revenue streams several new options have appeared.

First proposal of hosting the game came from Beijing, who already have experience in hosting Italian Supercup games. Then there are three stadia in Brazil – Sao Paulo, Recife and Rio de Janeiro. And finally, one of the USA metropolises. With countdown already below one month to go, situation seems to be extremely tense. Will Rome manage to hold the game safely?