New design: Be’er Sheva Stadium

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New design: Be’er Sheva Stadium Looking at the seating layout of this one, we’d say it’s located somewhere in the United Kingdom. But no, it’s actually getting built in Israel. And following the concept of most popular Israeli stadium architects.


Were we to say what’s key with this stadium, it would probably be the sentence of Jerusalem based GAB Architects “focal point at GAB is to create high-capacity stadiums, potentially capable of positioning various cities at the center of the national sporting stage”.

Indeed, GAB are known for rather modest, but aesthetically diverse and – most importantly – feasible stadia for the complex situation in Israel.

Be'er Sheva Stadium

This time, contrary to their concepts for Petah Tikva, Netanya and Jerusalem, there’s no room for expansion, unless one would consider adding an extra tier behind goals. Because this time it’s stands on each side, with corners cut out from the stadium by wall supporting the roof structure.

The new stadium for the 200,000-population Beersheba is to have an almost ‘English’ layout with steep single-tiered stands under cover, all priced at some $50 million and able to take 16,000 people.