New construction: Stadion Miejski w Tychach

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New construction: Stadion Miejski w Tychach Starting today we'll be showing the progress at Tychy Municipal Stadium construction site. Demolition of the 41-year-old structure is already advanced, soon we should see first elements of the new venue, expected to be ready in early 2015.


Preparation for this project was very difficult with first construction tender launched already in 2011, but cancelled for procedural reasons.

Another one ended with all offers highly exceeding the budget of Tychy municipality. This led to the concept being downscaled slightly, losing underground parking facilities, among other. Overall, capacity has been decreased by some 3,000 from early estimates.

Stadion Miejski w TychachImg: UM Tychy

Last and final tender finished in mid-October 2012, but due to appeals the city couldn't sign the contract with Mostostal Warszawa sooner than December 11.

First weeks were devoted to implement the required downscaling changes, then by the end of February demolition of the old stadium began, taking a few weeks in total.

Overall the contractor has exactly 30 months to deliver the project, meaning the venue should be opened in early 2015.

Complete cost of the development is to be kept within PLN 129 million budget (€31 million, $40 million).