Cairo: Death sentences sustained for Port Said massacre

source:; author: michał

Cairo: Death sentences sustained for Port Said massacre 21 hooligans are to be hanged, 5 will serve life sentences. Two high officers of the police are to be imprisoned for 15 years. These are just some decisions confirmed today in Cairo, Reuters reports.


Just as expected, today's deadline saw the sentences announced in January confirmed. 21 hooligans directly responsible for the death of 74 Al-Ahly fans and injuries of further 248 are to be hanged. Five more will serve life sentences, while 17 further received shorter imprisonment.

Two high police officers, accused of enabling the massacre to take place, are to spend 15 years behind bars. Of the 73 suspects 28 were acquitted.

Today's ruling didn't cause riots, like the one from January. That's because streets of raging Port Said are taken over by military. Just last week 8 people were killed in riots that haven't completely seized since the January ruling. Altogether, dozens of people were killed in the post-verdict riots.

Tragedy in Port Said, one of the scariest in global football, took place on Feb 1, 2012. Home side crowd charged the away section as the game of Al-Masry and Al-Ahly was ending. 74 people were killed and 248 injured, some directly because of the violence, but most crushed as stadium gates were closed.