Winnipeg: Investors Group Field to open in May

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Winnipeg: Investors Group Field to open in May Before football and music fans come here in June, Christians will gather at Investors Group Field in May. Their event will be a test at the same time, as organizers hope for a massive turnout. Report by Winnipeg Free Press.


They'll be praying in the stands, waving the team colours and dancing on the field at the new football stadium come May. Not for the Blue Bombers, but for God – at a mass Christian worship service organized by One Heart Winnipeg on Sunday, May 26.  

This will be the very first time any large group is expected to use the newly built stadium, which has recently been plagued by delays. Instead of opening in time for the 2012 season of CFL, the new stadium will be ready in spring 2013. How many people are expected? Enough to resign from giving out communion as it may be a logistic challenge and not all people are accustomed to it.

The 2013 event will include music, prayer and a sermon, but communion will not be celebrated this year to allow for greater participation, including those football fans anxious to see the inside of the new stadium.

"We believe a service of this size will make a perfect test event for Investors Group Field because of the multi-faceted production, concession, and parking requirements," says Jim Bell, CEO of Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

Bombers are hoping to hold their first game in late June, while June 22 is already reserved for a Taylor Swift concert.