New design: Stadion Falubazu under cover

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New design: Stadion Falubazu under cover Polish speedway mecca Zielona Góra is currently carrying out second phase of stadium redevelopment. But as foundations are laid for second new stands, a drastic change for the better was presented with the ground to get complete roof over stands and racing track.


On Tuesday press conference was held, informing about situation on site of construction works that are… hardly visible. Despite the old stand being demolished for some time, works on new one are still in preparatory stage.

After delivering the very first new stand in 2010, the city ran tender for second one last year, giving contractors 4,5 months to prepare documentation of the second phase and then time until July 31 2013 to deliver the stand and judges’ tower.

It seems Sport Halls, Wroclaw-based company, did more than they were expected in terms of documentation. On Tuesday they didn’t only reassure that the stadium will be operable from mid-April and new stand ready by August, they also presented renderings of complete stadium for the very first time.

Stadion FalubazuWiz: Sport Halls, ATI,

These images have one thing in common – completely new roof, based on a steel ring (independent from the stands) and covering fans and racing track with cable-supported membrane. The idea, done by Warsaw architectural practice ATI, is more than was envisaged for the stadium, but at the same time is still distant as stands need to be rebuilt in the first place.

worth mentioning, first of the new stands, opened in 2010, received a very modest roof over the last rows. It caused nationwide criticism after the whole structure started moving significantly along with fans doing their “labado” bounce, resulting in part of the stand being closed. New roof would mean this problem will not exist anymore.