Brazil: Bitter-sweet reopening of Mineirão

source:; author: michał

Brazil: Bitter-sweet reopening of Mineirão Parking chaos, information chaos, technical flaws. It was bad enough for operator to be fined for Mineirão's first game after redevelopment. But on the other hand the game itself was a memorable moment with capacity crowd and hot atmosphere.


Two days after Mineirão celebrated its reinauguration, media comments are varying a lot. On one hand, the Sunday clash between derby rivals Cruzeiro and Atletico Mineiro (won 2:1 by Cruzeiro) saw the stands almost full, excluding only small buffer sections between rival fans.

And despite extensive surveillence and conversion into seating-only stadium, the atmosphere seemed what one would expect from passionate Brazilian football fans. As pictured below:

However, the immense turnout made all flaws seem even worse. Underground parking facilities caused huge traffic problems. Then goes the poor signing and not fully competent staff – all of that contributed to quite some anxiety among visitors, reportedly.

If that was all, we might have thought that it's not much. But then go the closed catering kiosks, dilapidating toilets and water flowing from the ceilings, due to installation problems. All this resulted in an emergency meeting of state authorities on Monday and a 1 million reais fine ($500,000 or €370,000) imposed on stadium operator.