Rotterdam: Supporters against new Feyenoord stadium

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Rotterdam: Supporters against new Feyenoord stadium The club has been maintaining that building a new stadium is the only way and hasn't considered asking supporters for their views on the case. Since Feyenoord didn't, their opposition used the chance and ran an extensive survey about the plan. Outcome shows massive scepticism for a relocation.


Conflict between Feyenoord officials and civic campaign 'Red De Kuip' (Save De Kuip) doesn't seem to be ending any time soon. Plans for a brand new stadium just outside current one stand in opposition to a proposal of expanding and improving the existing one.

After recently having improved their concept, 'RDK' now released result of an extensive survey that had almost 5,000 people expressing their views. The study was filled mostly by regular visitors to the current venue (52% have a season ticket and 67% saw at least one game recently and only 3% haven't been to De Kuip at all).

Of the exactly 4,946 people surveyed, not many seem to be supporting plans of their own club, with most important question of the survey, about future venue, showing they se De Kuip as proper place for the next few decades. Here are the most popular answers:

  • extensive redevelopment of De Kuip will be sufficient (51%);
  • minor renovation is enough (28%);
  • new stadium is a necessity (18%);

There seems to be no doubt over a need for any move as less than one out of two fans feels satisfied at all with existing facilities. This is especially low if compared to how supporters rank the surrounding infrastructure, which meets expectations of over 90%.

Although it seems the survey was filled mostly by opponents of the new stadium, it seems Feyenoord also can use some points to their advantage. Most of the traditional fanbase don't see their visits to De Kuip increasing, nor do they see activisation of other people as a chance to improve attendance. They also aren't keen on seeing non-Feyenoord events like concerts or international games here. In short – their vision isn't one that sees the club benefiting from a modern arena.