Poland: Portable toilets at Euro 2012 venue? No, thankfully...

source: mmwroclaw.pl / Sport.pl; author: michał

Poland: Portable toilets at Euro 2012 venue? No, thankfully... Wroclaw stadium operator left many observers stunned when it announced portable toilets are being considered in the away section. Reason behind the idea was the fear that existing facilities may be targeted by hooligans.


Wrocław 2012, municipal company managing Stadion Wrocław, revealed a few days back that it's analysing whether shutting down away section toilets and replacing them with portable ones is a viable option.

Reason the hypothetical move was that hooligans of derby rivals Zagłębie Lubin have vandalised the toilets in Autumn, leaving their club with a heavy bill for repair works. Though Zagłębie agreed to pay for the incident, Wrocław 2012 were still considering closing toilet door for every 'high-risk rival', which would mean almost half the league games would see away fans left with only portable toilets.

The sole idea sparked controversy awith views that it would mean punishing people in advance and treating innocent as potential criminals. After just two days Wrocław 2012 announced this was never discussed seriously, just an idea expressed during a post-match meeting.