New design: Stadium for hope

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New design: Stadium for hope When Mother Teresa came here, she described this place as the worst case of poverty she has ever seen. One of the most terrifying slums in the world is hoped to receive a football stadium to change its image. Not for foreign observers, but for those, who have nowhere else to go.


Cité Soleil started existing in 1958 as a settlement for several dozen families in northern Port-au-Prince. Since then it has been growing every day and is now estimated to house 200,000-400,000 people.

Cite Soleil

Living in sheds, under tents, in tons of garbage, in shocking conditions, people literally fight to stay alive here. With AIDS and gangs taking their toll, few people get to pass 50 years old here. Since the 2010 earthquake it's been even worse as rescue teams left after just two weeks, leaving victims still burried under rubble.

But for thousands, mostly children, there is no other place to go. This project is for them. Phoenix Stadium is to be literally like a phoenix reborn as its stands are to be erected on remains from the rubble left by 2010 earthquake. More symbolically, the stadium is to give new, better quality life to this slum district, marked by United Nations as a 'no-go zone'.

Phoenix Stadium

Renowned architect Carlos Zapata didn't only envisage simple and affordable seats for 12,000 people, but also a football school and park with dormitories to help local youth develop their sports skills to keep them away from violence, among other.

Despite its extensive functions the venue is expected to cost only some $5 million which, as organisers hope, will be reached by donations from people and institutions worldwide. Project Phoenix is widely publicised by media, but perhaps more importantly by regular people through social media. How can you help? Check the website to find out more!