England: Nationwide campaign to cap away ticket prices under way

source: Guardian.co.uk; author: michał

England: Nationwide campaign to cap away ticket prices under way It seems recent rejection of away tickets by Manchester City has been a strong signal that change is needed. Largest fan associations in England announced they will soon launch a campaign to cap ticket prices.


As we previously wrote, recent days saw Manchester City fans return over 900 tickets for their away fixture at Emirates Stadium when they were charged £62 per person. This meant only 1 out of 3 fans didn't accept the price, but the move sparked discussions and media attention.

Yesterday supporter associations of Manchester United and Liverpool announced they will work together despite their negative relations to campaign for cheaper tickets on away allocations. The way they see it, fans shouldn't be charged the same when they travel across the country to a game, compared wityh people living nearby the stadium. Especially that best clubs see their fans being charged extra at each game simply for the fact that their team is such an attractive rival for the host.

And it's not only the northern associations that feel this way. Football Supporters Federation and Supporters Direct, England's most powerful fan-ran institutions with hundreds of thousands followers, also announced they are preparing a campaign nationwide to cap away ticket prices.

Fans think it would be most appropriate for away contingents in the Premier League to be charged £20-25 per person, not more. Numerous games already have such pricing in place, but for others the cost is inflated well beyond, as presented in the Manchester City case.