Brazil: Third delay at Maracanã, when will FIFA lose their patience?

source:; author: michał

Brazil: Third delay at Maracanã, when will FIFA lose their patience? Already in 2010 the schedule seemed to be a tight one. It also seemed that FIFA wouldn’t accept any slips. But as we hear about third postponement of venue delivery, the governing body remains calm.


Redevelopment of Brazil’s most famous stadium has been subject to controversy for various reasons – immense cost, arguable improvement after works end, privatization and now also construction time.

The stadium was due to be delivered in December 2012 – this date was given to FIFA as works began in 2010. It seemed to be a really tight time frame as the stadium is supposed to host Confederation Cup in June and FIFA prefers to have all works done 6 months ahead of major tournaments.

These 6 months passed in mid-December, but works are far from finished. Deadline was postponed to February 2013, but now it turns out even this date won’t be met by a long run. Currently May 28 is the delivery date, just 18 days ahead of 2013 Confederations Cup. So far FIFA hasn’t commented on the change.

Should the stadium not be ready within the latest deadline, it may be reopened any way with only being operable, not completely finished. This would be an ironic link to its history as the stadium was still long way from being ready when it opened in 1950 – works finished 15 years (!) after the first game.