Brazil: England to reopen Maracanã

source:; author: michał

Brazil: England to reopen Maracanã The great classic of global football, Brazil vs. England, is now confirmed to reopen the record-breaking stadium this June. All sounds great, but that gives hosts just 5 days to prepare the venue.


Maracanã is to have a reopening the stadium deserves. Though no longer capable of hosting 199,000 people (actually, not even close to 100,000 anymore), atmosphere inside ‘Maraca’ should still be electric on June 3, when Brazil faces England in a friendly game.

The fixture has been confirmed, which means England will visit 2014 World Cup hosts first time since 1984, when they won 2:0. And, hopefully for the ‘Three Lions’ this may be a great training before fighting in official games in South America.

But what English team surely aren’t thinking of is the readiness of Maracanã to accept a sell-out crowd. Just as a reminder, official delivery date for the stadium is currently set at May 28, leaving just 5 days between end of construction and opening – time frame tighter than with other stadiums.