USA: Best seats in San Jose already sold out

source:; author: michał

USA: Best seats in San Jose already sold out Construction works started just a month ago, but all skyboxes and business seats are sold out already. It seems Earthquakes will be considering expansion of the most expensive zones at their new venue before it even opens.


Just a month ago we wrote about the record-breaking groundbreaking in San Jose. Construction of the long-awaited 18,000-seater is finally ongoing and enthusiasm for improved ‘soccer experience’ (with, as Earthquakes describe it, “European roof” over seats) seems high.

The club already found tenants for all 12 skyboxes, though ‘skybox’ is out of place in this particular case, as luxury suites are located at ground level. Each of them can hold 23 people of whom 17 are guaranteed to have a seat overlooking the pitch. Though it’s still a long way before the stadium is up and running, all suites are reserved for at least 5 years!

Business seats divided into four zones along the stadium’s perimeter are also sold out already. Each accommodating from 100 to 160 people, totaling at 579 seats with access to catering facilities right behind the last row. Average price stands at some $2,200 per season in this case.

Quakes still have some seats in the third most expensive category available, but as the sale goes on, it seem the club will reconsider the percentage of corporate facilities within planned capacity – the initial number of most expensive seats was described as flexible from the start.