New designs: Mystery of Minneapolis

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New designs: Mystery of Minneapolis We know the budget, groundbreaking and opening time, construction tender has just began. But despite all that we don't really know, how will this stadium look. In this case even the winning architects may completely change their vision. Or actually, they have to.


Today we take you on a small trip to Minneapolis, a city we don't come across too often as we're in the part of the world where football is football, not soccer. But missing out on yet another American super-stadium would be a crime. This one is supposed to be built for just under $1 billion ($975 million in total). Of that stadium construction cost is $690 million with remainder being spent on surrounding infrastructure.

Though it's surely not the most expensive stadium ever, it's still quite some burden to share. In Vikings Stadium's case it's split nearly 50/50 between the NFL club ($477 million) and public authorities of both the state ($348 million) and city of Minneapolis ($150 million).

As no naming rights deal is sealed yet, the club hope to cover their share with seat licence sale. This solution was already used by most NFL clubs and means simply that before fans get to buy season tickets, they may buy themselves a licence that will guarantee them priority for the desired spot. And with 65,000 seats for a club of that size, this will surely be a popular way of securing a spot.

We'll know the general contractor by July 2013. This date is already confirmed as tender was launched just yesterday. Groundbreaking is expected in October 2013 and the entire venue should be up and running in 2016.

A lot is already settled, then. But despite heaving deadlines and budget constraints already, we still don't know what's getting built. Design competition held earlier this year had top stadium architects from the US in attendance, with HKS Architects selected for the $34 million contract. This is another prestigious venue for their portfolio after Cowboys Stadium and Lucas Oil Stadium, both opened in recent years. In Europe HKS is mostly known for the Liverpool FC design that was eventually scrapped.

What leaves Vikings fans puzzled is the fact, that HKS presented two completely different visions as their bid and at least one of them will be scrapped completely. Most probable scenario seems to be an even different third vision, possibly to combine some features of both. Consultations with citizens are ongoing and may also have influence on the outcome.

So for now we await for the mystery to be resolved just like most NFL or Minnesota oriented media who show several different images to illustrate stories about the same stadium. Until we get to see the final outcome – expected in March 2013 – we can only do the same, by adding presentations of the two winning concepts and one of others who took part in the competition. Clicking the name of each architecture practice will get you to more images of each proposal.

HKS ARchitects, vision 1

Vikings Stadium

HKS Architects, vision 2

Vikings Stadium


Vikings Stadium